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SHANGHAI, China — At #HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 held in Shanghai, Huawei launched the Cloud Fabric 5.0 Solution for cloud services, with a Huawei Fabric Insight Refined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Solution as its core. The Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution locates faults within minutes through visualized network status measurement and management as well as Big Data-based intelligent analysis, helping customers improve O&M efficiency and lower O&M costs. Software-defined networking (SDN) has become a common choice for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of many enterprises, as it helps these enterprises implement fast service provisioning and improve network resource usage. After SDN services are deployed, an originally operated and maintained physical network is divided into three networks: service, logical, and physical. However, traditional O&M methods cannot monitor the status of the service and logical networks. If an application fault occurs, the fault is difficult to locate. As a large number of tenant services go online and change frequently, networks are dynamically adjusted and network faults are difficult to locate based on service configuration. Huawei’s Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution helps cloud data centers improve O&M efficiency through the following O&M applications: Network-wide visualization: The health status of applications and networks is comprehensively measured and analyzed based on the statistics of application quality, logical and physical network elements, as well as the use of network functions and features on the service, logical, and physical networks. This simplifies large-scale network O&M and management. Network-wide path quality scanning: Information about network path quality and status is periodically obtained and network paths are dynamically adjusted as network status changes. If a fault occurs at the service layer, physical devices can be automatically associated to locate the fault. An innovative Big Data analytics algorithm is used to quickly detect all the network paths and locate faults within minutes.

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