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We’ve seen the old #HP split into #HPE and HP Inc. Then HPE decided to further hone its offerings and divest some business units, doing a spin-merge of its enterprise services with those of #CSC, creating a new company called #DXC (that happened this spring), and doing the same with its software division in partnership with #MicroFocus (this is scheduled to be completed in August). However, the company made it clear at its user conference, HPE Discover, that it’s now in a position to grow again, announcing products and services to forward its focus on hybrid IT and a world where everything computes, according to chairman and chief executive Meg Whitman. “By 2025 the world we live in will be radically different,” she said from the stage. “Almost everything will be connected and sharing data.” That new world comes with both opportunities and challenges, she noted, with applications running off premises in the cloud, on premises (or on-prem), and on the edge. HPE’s focus is to make hybrid IT simple with software defined infrastructure. Whitman said that, according to IDC, more than half of enterprises have, or are considering bringing workloads back on-prem from the public cloud, thanks to what she referred to as the cloud cliff. “The cloud is absolutely the right choice for certain applications and use cases,” she said. But at some point, “they hit what we call the cloud cliff, where either for reasons of control, security, performance or cost, the platform they went with is no longer the best option.” That’s when moving to a hybrid environment makes sense.

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