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HPE’s GreenLake edge-to-cloud and service-led strategy includes more HP-owned intellectual storage property and that implies limiting its software partnerships.

HPE ran a virtual Security Analysts meetinggiving details of the company’s strategy — how it’s going to set up clear clear GreenLake water between itself and its competitors. We took a dive into this to see what it means for its storage products, and found a move to own more of its own storage IP.

CEO Antonio Neri said HPE is focussed on three megatrends with new sources of data, new IT architectures, and new insights from data:

  • A data explosion at the edge (ROBO and embedded systems);
  • Adoption of a cloud-everywhere experience, meaning IT-as-a-service, elasticity, subscription/pay-for-use and cloud-native software;
  • Adoption of data analytics.

HPE says it has an edge-to-cloud strategy with its customers needing to control their data assets wherever they are located, make decisions faster and have a unified service delivery across their IT estate.

The set of HPE’s storage products have to adapt to fit into this view of the world. Data has to be stored, moved where needed, and analysed to give customers a better view of their operations and a faster ability to adapt to changes and opportunities. Neri said digital transformation is incomplete without data-first modernisation from edge to cloud. By 2025 some 85 per cent of data will be unstructured, 60 per cent of it will be generated at the edge and 30 per cent of it will be real-time. 

Data, he said, is spread across — even trapped in — a sprawl of silos in legacy and hybrid IT infrastructures. The volume of data being generated at edge sites means much of it must be analysed there. It takes too long to move it to the public cloud for analysis and decision-making.

The HPE message is to use its GreenLake offering to free data and work on it where it makes sense.

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