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The HPE OneView platform is designed to turn servers, storage, and networking equipment in your data center into software-defined infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure customers can get all their computing resources in one place – computing, storage, and networking. It’s one of the biggest ultimate benefits virtualization has brought. One of the most popular software tools designed to give enterprise IT managers similar capabilities for infrastructure in their own data centers is HPE OneView.

Underneath is a technology that collapses management and configuration of servers (be they virtual machines or bare metal), containers, storage, and networking devices. That technology is called “hyperconverged infrastructure,” and HPE is one of the leaders in the category. (Other top players are Nutanix, VMware, Dell EMC, and Cisco.)

HPE is also about tied with Dell for the biggest share of the server market, and an HPE infrastructure management platform like OneView is a logical choice for companies that run HPE hardware in their data centers.

That includes HPE ProLiant servers and HPE Synergy composable infrastructure, which creates flexible pools of compute, storage, and networking resources. All HPE Synergy customers use OneView, as does a “decent share” of ProLiant customers, HPE spokesperson Nahren Khizeran told DCK.

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