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#HewlettPackardEnterprise has quietly axed its #OpenSDN suite, effective immediately. Its sales staff have been instructed to shut down customer demos and proof-of-concept installations. IT buyers will be told to try other gear if they want to evaluate and roll out software-defined networking. #HPE workers have also been instructed to pretty much keep the move a secret, with no public announcements, and to simply tell customers and partners the tech giant has “discontinued development of HPE OpenSDN” if they ask what’s happening. This is according to an internal memo seen today by The Register, which declares HPE will no longer support the networking platform it has for years pitched as a solution for ISPs and IT service providers. The email was written by product veep Sarwar Raza and telco sales boss Jacques Rames, who said the decision to pull the plug was “made in light of business and financial considerations.” The pair also confirmed HPE is getting out of the telco-scale SDN market entirely, admitting that it “will no longer offer a native telco/service provider SDN solution.” The enterprise giant notes, however, that the move should not be considered a step away from open platforms.

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