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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is “doubling down” on the VDI market with a new GreenLake VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) on-premise, pay per use cloud service with major ISV support and predefined configurations optimized for specific workers.

“It’s definitely one of the massive workloads that we are doubling down on,” said HPE GreenLake Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Go To Market Arwa Kaddoura in an interview with CRN. “We already have many customers that have been leveraging VDI on GreenLake. As you can imagine now (with the pandemic) it has just become a much, much hotter topic with all of our customers.”

As part of the sales blitz, HPE has optimized VDI configurations for four type of remote workers (knowledge, task, power and engineering) with specific predefined configurations for 100, 300, 500 and 1,000 or more workers. The new service is available starting in December.

HPE has also pulled together offerings from VDI leaders like VMware, Nutanix, Citrix and Nvidia as part of the predefined bundles. “We want to make sure that depending on the scenario that we bring in the right VDI expertise from that software and from that platform capability perspective,” she said

Kaddoura — who worked side by side with GreenLake Cloud Services Senior Vice President and General Manager Keith White at Microsoft — is helping boost HPE’s ISV support. “What I booted up (at Microsoft) was the whole developer ecosystem,” she said.

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