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An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (or HPE) Ezmeral is offering a unified way to import, modernize and run containerized VMs alongside Kubernetes pods and data-intensive workloads in a persistent ‘edge-to-cloud’ PaaS form factor.

Having split or divested from many previous concerns, HPE returned to first principles in building this software-driven data fabric that is non-opinionated enough to accommodate leading IT stacks and data providers as highly scalable workloads onto bare metal, multi-cloud IaaS and its own HPE Greenlake cloud platform.

For instance, an enterprise built up through acquisitions may seek to better govern a heterogeneous mix of Tanzu, OpenShift and Rancher workloads with Ezmeral’s unified control plane. Or, they may want to import a data-intensive Splunk SIEM workload or Spark ML training instance as a consumable on-prem infrastructure service, and save cloud costs in the process.

There’s a cloud-native solutions marketplace, global namespaces, multi-cloud data persistence, network security with RBAC, and many other aspects we’d naturally expect of an elastic cloud platform.

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