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With the increasing demand to put data at the forefront of all business decisions, there is a growing trend to industrialize data science – an automated and repeatable process for infusing analytics into applications from edge to cloud. However, the reality is that today’s enterprise data centers run an increasing number of bespoke appliances – each dedicated to individual functions across AI, data analytics, and visualization. These siloed data intensive workloads slow down the overall analytics development process and are inefficient to manage, share, scale, and secure. The need to optimize the environment with modernized infrastructure includes having the best-in-class accelerated computing resources using GPUs paired with innovative software to deliver self-service data science with bare-metal performance.

Optimized performance for modern workloads with NVIDIA-Certified Systems 

The long-standing HPE and NVIDIA collaboration provides best-in-class compute hardware and software for optimal outcomes for accelerated AI workloads. Through their collaboration, HPE and NVIDIA deliver NVIDIA-Certified Systems that offer a unified architecture to accelerate traditional and modern workloads, from data center to edge. The single high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure brings together compute and graphics acceleration and high-speed secure networking in the leading enterprise data center servers. 

Differentiated hardware requires differentiated software 

HPE and NVIDIA are perfect players in this hardware- and software-focused industry. HPE servers are certified NVIDIA systems that accelerate insights, delivering maximum ROI. NVIDIA offers an extensive collection of AI software to help users benefit from accelerated computing quickly and in a wide variety of areas, via the NVIDIA NGC catalog. This catalog is a GPU-optimized hub for AI, ML, and HPC containers, pre-trained models, SDKs, and Helm charts that simplify and accelerate end-to-end workflows. Data scientists and developers can make use of hundreds of containerized applications accelerated with NVIDIA technologies, allowing enterprises to immediately benefit from the NVIDIA-Certified systems. 

The HPE Ezmeral software portfolio complements the NGC catalog by providing the basis for future state architecture for analytics and data intensive workloads. HPE Ezmeral Container Platform delivers the control plane to easily deploy and manage the NVIDIA NGC images on shared accelerated hardware. It allows clients to configure and reconfigure in minutes, based on the needs of the entire organization — not just one team at a time. Benefits include: 

  • Removing artificial silos by creating a shared pool of resources 
  • Replacing complex app and infrastructure deployment with containers
  • Delivering on-demand, self-service GPU-accelerated analytics environments

Furthermore, the platform supports a fully open source and Kubernetes-based orchestration environment. This means there is a seamless integration of the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform that supports Kubernetes orchestration, allowing you to utilize resources either located on-premises, in the cloud, on the edge, or anywhere in between. With the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, we have shown how silos of hardware, purpose-built for individual teams, can be eliminated. The combination of NVIDIA-Certified Systems from HPE, HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and ML Ops software, and the NVIDIA NGC catalog provides impressive benefits. Data scientists and developers can build applications faster, DevOps can deploy their applications reliably, and IT can support the entire process by deploying the ideal hardware configurations needed for the workloads.  

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