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First Place (Tie): HPE/New H3C Group

Market Share: 14.9%

Hewlett Packard Enterprise together with China-based New H3C Group generated more server revenue and shipped more units than any other vendor worldwide during the second quarter. Due to the joint venture between HPE and New H3C Group, IDC combines the two companies in its market-share report as HPE/New H3C Group. 

San Jose, Calif.-based HPE captured $3.58 billion in server revenue during the quarter, representing a decline of 2 percent year over year. The company won 14.9 percent share of the global server market, down from 18.2 percent share in second-quarter 2019. 

HPE shipped 456,600 server units during the quarter, up 3 percent year over year, according to IDC’s data. The company’s global server shipment share was 14.3 percent, down from 16.5 percent year over year. 

HPE maintains a strong presence in China through its partnership with New H3C, where HPE owns a 49 percent stake and the Chinese company Unisplendour owns a 51 percent share. HPE recently reported third fiscal quarter revenue of $6.8 billion, down from $7.2 billion year over year.

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