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No. 1: Hewlett Packard Enterprise/H3C

Market Share: 15.7%

Total Servers Shipped: 446,168

Due to the existing joint venture between HPE and H3C, IDC combines market share from both companies in its server data research as HPE/H3C. 

Houston-based HPE and China-based H3C generated a total of $3.7 billion in server sales in the second quarter, up 3.4 percent year over year. HPE and H3C’s market share stands at 15.7 percent in the second quarter of 2021, up from 14.8 percent year over year.

In terms of total servers shipped in the quarter, HPE/H3C placed second by shipping a total of 446,168 servers, representing a decline of 2.3 percent year over year. 

Looking at server shipment competition between Dell and HPE/H3C, Dell shipped 98,000 more servers in second-quarter 2021 year over year, while HPE/H3C shipped about 10,000 less servers on a year-over-year basis.

No. 1: Dell Technologies 

Market Share: 15.6%

Total Servers Shipped: 529,804

IDC declares a statistical tie when two or more vendors are within 1 percentage point of each other in the share of revenue. In the second quarter of 2021, Dell Technologies and Hewlett Packard Enterprise were within just $24 million of each other in terms of server revenue as well as less than a fraction of percent for market share.

Dell generated a total of $3.68 billion in server sales during the second quarter, representing a more than 10 percent revenue increase year over year. Dell’s server revenue increased 10.2 percent compared with HPE’s 3.4 percent sales growth year over year. 

Dell’s server market share rose from 13.8 percent share in second-quarter 2020 to 15.6 percent share. The company’s 1.8-point market-share growth represents the largest share increase of any company, according to IDC’s data. 

The Round Rock, Texas-based company won the gold medal in terms of the total number of servers shipped globally. Dell shipped a total of 529,804 servers in the second quarter, up 22.5 percent year over year.

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