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Next-generation HPE StoreOnce Systems

Today, we are happy to introduce the next generation of HPE StoreOnce Systems that can scale from smaller, remote offices, to the largest enterprises and service providers. HPE StoreOnce Systems transform your hybrid cloud data protection with better performance, simplicity and agility – than most traditional backup solutions – and protect your data at the edge, on-premises, or in the cloud. These new appliances are designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of SLAs across a spectrum of recovery point objectives (RPOs), and recovery time objectives (RTOs). From rapid recovery to long term retention, your backup and recovery operations will be streamlined and simplified.

HPE StoreOnce modernizes data protection for your hybrid cloud environment by neutralizing threats like ransomware, simplifying operations, delivering on SLAs, and protecting data – without any lock-in, and with rapid recovery on-premises in your datacenter or low-cost archiving in the cloud.

Speaking of super heroes and amazing capabilities, here are some of the ways you can realize the benefits of the new HPE StoreOnce Systems.

  • Achieve comprehensive protection against ransomware. HPE StoreOnce gives you the confidence that your data is recoverable with a data protection platform that is reliable by design. Mitigate ransomware threats with 3-2-1-1 data protection best practice, encrypted backups, data integrity checks, role-based access control, and rapid data restores. The solution includes the HPE StoreOnce Catalyst API which reduces complexity, cost, and risk by efficiently replicating apps and data. Most importantly, HPE protects mission-critical data stores from ransomware attacks by providing data isolation and preventing ransomware from accessing data on the HPE StoreOnce, ensuring data integrity.  
  • Take control of your data growth. A scalable portfolio of physical and software-defined HPE StoreOnce backup appliances provides you with a wide range of pay-as-you-grow capacity points, and up to 66PB in a single system. HPE StoreOnce makes every gigabyte of your storage go further with ultra-efficient deduplication and data reduction technologies that reduce your backup costs and footprint by up to 95%, on-premises and in the cloud.Slide2.jpeg
    • Optimize your cloud investment. HPE StoreOnce with HPE Cloud Bank Storage delivers simple, efficient, and reliable backup to the cloud. It lets you seamlessly cloud-enable your storage, backup, and enterprise apps, as well as natively integrate your choice of cloud service provider – without the need for a separate gateway or virtual appliance. You can reduce the time, cost, and network bandwidth for your cloud storage by 20x with highly efficient deduplicated data transfer, as well as store encrypted, self-describing backup data or simple cloud disaster recovery.
  • Deliver on SLAs. HPE StoreOnce helps you break the backup window with backup speeds of up to 105TB/hr. You can facilitate direct backup from your HPE Primera or HPE Nimble array to HPE StoreOnce, delivering up to 23x faster backup and 15x faster recovery for your enterprise applications.
  • Gain flexibility – without any lock-in. HPE StoreOnce delivers investment protection and helps eliminate lock-in with a choice of physical or software-defined deployment, and flexible-as-a-service consumption.  HPE StoreOnce has deep integration with a rich ecosystem of ISV partners, providing the flexibility to deploy their preferred backup software for edge-to-core workloads.
  • Discover ease of use. HPE StoreOnce takes the time and stress out of data protection, reducing management time— with multisystem and multisite visibility and management—from a single pane of glass. It empowers your application owners with self-service protection, enabling them to control end-to-end security easily and efficiently for all of their applications—from the data center to the cloud—using familiar native user interfaces.
  • Take advantage of software-defined protection for virtual and cloud environments. HPE StoreOnce VSA extends the deployment options for HPE StoreOnce with the agility and flexibility of a virtual appliance, removing the need to install dedicated data protection hardware. All the features of the purpose-built HPE StoreOnce systems are available in a software-defined backup target of up to 500TB of usable capacity, which grow in 1TB increments. 

Modernize your hybrid cloud data protection

If you create a strong line of defense now to secure business-critical data and ensure application availability, your organization will be able to deliver more than business continuity. The next-generation HPE StoreOnce platform delivers end-to-end protection for hybrid cloud—natively linking your primary, secondary, and private/public cloud storage.

The Avengers, Spiderman, Black Panther, Superman – they have some amazing powers like flight, shape-shifting, super speed and strength. We all need superheroes in our lives, and so do our business data and applications. With our enhanced super hero – HPE StoreOnce – and its amazing capabilities, you can rest assured that your data is always protected.

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