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In my previous article we deployed an open-source PACS solution on #Nutanix using Acropolis Container Services (ACS) and created a persistent volume for the application and the database – a native MySQL. While #MySQL is the simplest solution as it is already backed into the application container, it has its limitations and is not scalable enough for enterprise deployments. This article focus on deploying the same application using a container with #PostgreSQL database hosted with a persist volume for database files; while having #Orthanc running on non-persistent containers in a #Docker swarm cluster. Docker swarm enable the application to scale-out and also manages a built-in load balancer across container instances in the cluster. The first step is to create a Host VM for PostgreSQL. That can also be the same VM where you host one of the Orthanc instances, but in my case I’m placing PostgreSQL in a dedicated Host VM. Since I’m using persistent volume with ACS for the database I can blow PostgreSQL off and easily recreate the service in a new Host VM.

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