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Because of its flexibility, scalability, resiliency, and power, #ApacheHadoop is the #bigdata solution of choice for many organizations of all sizes. However, one of the challenges that users face comes with visibility. The size and organization of the distributed database makes it difficult — if not impossible — to get the insight necessary to understand how your #Hadoop clusters are performing. And because of that, if issues do arise, it can be challenging at best to pinpoint where they are coming from, whether from other areas of the IT stack or from Hadoop itself. Whether you are running Hadoop on #VMware or bare metal, #BlueMedora has a new solution to give you the visibility that you need to gain insight into your Hadoop clusters. With the Blue Medora Apache Hadoop Management Pack for vRealize Operations, clearly understand the capacity and health of a HDFS cluster, and ensure the memory and CPU devoted to clusters are optimally allocated. And if you are planning that virtual migration, you can use the management pack to quantify the real resource needs of your cluster.

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