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At the MIT CDOIQ Symposium taking place in Cambridge, MA, attendees are sharing fresh takes on how to solve existing problems with each other, and they are also learning about tomorrow’s tech solutions in the process. Paul Barth, cofounder and CEO of Podium Data, joined Stu Miniman (@stu) and Paul Gillin (@pgillin), cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, during the Symposium to share what his company is doing to address Hadoop’s barriers to easy usage by enterprises — and what effect that will have on successful businesses. Making Hadoop the data key As Barth mentioned, he is a regular at the MIT CDOIQ events, and Podium Data is serving to answer a problem he’d often discussed while attending. “I’ve been at this conference for many years, since its founding, talking about what it takes to implement governance,” Barth said. “And one of the problems that I found consistently is that the complexity of the systems in an enterprise … make it very difficult to implement governance. You may come up with great policies, you may have good processes and roles and stewards, but if you don’t have an asset to govern, you really will have trouble or never be able to catch up and maintain the governance policies you’re trying to put in place.” With #Hadoop ’s growing adoption in data management, though, some of the answers to these problems are coming to light. “The reason [Hadoop] is ideally suited [for governing your data] is that the low cost point … removes barriers to entry … to make an efficient solution, [and] you can dump all your data in one place,” Barth said. “You’re still left with these issues around organizing the data and sharing quality, there’s still a lot of data management work to do, but a lot of the barriers to getting started and moving quickly are eliminated.”

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