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The myth about identical twins is that they can simply switch places when they want to, so that being a twin is like having a best friend and a clone wrapped into one.

For @GeorgeKurian, the CEO of #NetApp and @ThomasKurian, Oracle ‘s president of product development that myth is practically true.

They are literal doppelgangers who rose to the top with so much togetherness, at one point they literally got up and switched jobs, sending each of them on their current path to success.

George Kurian was appointed CEO of $5.5 billion storage company NetApp about a year ago after a fast, meteoric rise at the company. 

Thomas Kurian has spent nearly 20 years at Oracle. He reports to Oracle’s executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison, and has even been rumored to be in line to become CEO when Ellison fully retires. Sources close to Thomas tell us he has Ellison’s ear because he’s hardworking and smart and will challenge the geek-at-heart billionaire on technical product issues and tends to be right. Ellison loves a winner.

Business Insider recently met with George Kurian to talk about his career, his twin, and how he plans to revitalize NetApp, a $5.5 billion company with 11,000 employees, at a time when the business is facing major challenges.

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