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HPE is automating deal registration, special pricing and even providing an AI-based 3Par to Primera storage opportunity sales proposal engine to drive SMB and midmarket sales growth, said HPE Worldwide Channel Chief George Hope.

“We think there is a big opportunity for transformation in the midmarket and SMB,” said Hope. “With the volume of opportunities we are going to be dealing with we need automation and tools to be able to handle that type of volume without slowing it down. We are trying to speed it up.”

Hope said he expects the new tools to result in quicker turnaround on deal registrations for partners, faster special pricing decisions and an increased pace of 3Par to Primera sales proposals. “We have invested heavily in tools that help our partners reduce friction and accelerate sales,” he said.

The new tools are a key part of Hope’s pledge to focus heavily on improving the partner experience in HPE’s new fiscal year, which began Nov. 1.

“If there is one thing that we are focused on significantly this year it is the partner experience,” he said. “One of my three pillars for priorities is partner experience. I think the enhancements on that side are going result in a quick turnaround in [deal] registrations, a quicker turnaround on [special] pricing, leveraging virtualized demos and POCs [proofs of concept], and leveraging AI through some offerings we have around doing tech refreshes on storage [3Par to Primera] and proposal-based selling.”

Hope discussed the AI and automation Partner Ready program enhancements and the big opportunity to increase profitability and sales growth with GreenLake and Primera in an interview with CRN.


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