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New switch and service options surface regularly, and #OpenStack #Neutron, the platform’s core networking component, continues to evolve toward a more standard, interchangeable model. For admins, this simplifies more advanced network operations, such as service chaining.

OpenStack Neutron uses network functions virtualization ( #NFV ) and creates layers of network abstraction above the physical network. Protocols are attachable via overlay networking, a method of encapsulating protocols. While the overlay approach uses considerable compute power, it creates high levels of flexibility.

Because Neutron uses a network node that becomes a bottleneck at scale, the open source community introduced the Dragonflow submodule, a software-defined networking (SDN) controller, to act as a distributed virtual router for OpenStack clusters. Dragonflow has a small effect on OpenStack Neutron code but improves scalability and speed and simplifies management. It has an elastic architecture that reacts to virtual LANs in a cluster scaling up or down.


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