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Like a childhood nickname that just won’t stick, composable infrastructure has yet to resonate with many data centers — but that might be changing, thanks to DevOps.

IT pros have heard the term “composable infrastructure” for a year now, but still ask why they’d want it in their data center. For some, that meaning is now clearer: on-premises hardware can help deliver infrastructure as code as part of their DevOps efforts.

Enterprises with a traditional, standard infrastructure that buy servers and blades for specific purposes through their end of life won’t see much value from composable infrastructure, but it might be ideal for an agile shop, said Keith Templin, a senior systems engineer at a U.S.-based health care services company. He evaluated such options, in particular Synergy, at a “petting zoo” at Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s ( #HPE ) Discover event last month.

Many organizations pour significant resources into new DevOps projects “and containerizing everything,” he said. “You are moving those resources around [and] consuming them in different ways for the lifecycle of that hardware.”

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