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In the pantheon of cloud computing, consider #Amazon Web Services  ( #AWS )the Zeus-like leader, with #Microsoft (MSFT), #Alphabet ‘s (GOOGL) #Google and #IBM (IBM) also ranking among the top service providers. Not found in the cloud hierarchy, however, are telecom companies #AT&T (T), #Verizon Communications (VZ) and #CenturyLink (CTL).
While telecom leaders in other markets have surfaced as cloud-computing services leaders, that’s not so in the U.S. — not that AT&T, Verzon and CenturyLink didn’t try.

But they failed, and observers point to cloud vendors ramping up security faster than the telecoms expected, outspending the telecom firms in key areas and being quicker to help app developers.

For telecom firms, their chances for cloud dominance are gone, as the kingpins scale up, says Dave Bartoletti, an analyst at Forrester Research.

“At this point, it’s over for anyone to break into a competitive, global, hyper-scale mega-cloud with the scale and feature-breadth of AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM,” Bartoletti said.

Telecoms Also Missed Out With Data Centers

AWS, part of e-commerce leader (AMZN), battle for supremacy along with Microsoft’s Azure and Google in what’s called infrastructure-as-a-service. IaaS is the fast-growing business of renting out computing resources — number-crunching machines, data storage and software tools — to companies and other enterprises.

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