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As of re:Invent 2017, @Amazon Web Services ( #AWS ) loves @Kubernetes and is officially “all in” on the open source container orchestration project. Given that 63% of Kubernetes cloud workloads already run on AWS, coupled with AWS’s stated goal of enabling maximum developer choice, it was perhaps a foregone conclusion that AWS would roll out Amazon Elastic Compute Service for Kubernetes (EKS), a managed Kubernetes service to rival those already offered by @Microsoft and @Google. What isn’t certain, however, is what happens next. After all, almost in the same breath that AWS chief Andy Jassy announced EKS, he also announced Amazon Fargate, a serverless option for managing containers. In so doing, Rishidot founder Krishnan Subramanian has argued, Fargate could make “Kubernetes a sideshow [for] container cluster management.”

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