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Today we are announcing that #CloudCruiser is being acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise ( #HPE )! What started out seven years ago as a blank business plan with no name, no product, no customers and no money has grown into an amazing company with incredibly talented employees who care deeply about each other and are passionate about Cloud Cruiser. I still laugh when I think of our first employees accepting written job offers for a company that didn’t exist! Through the hard work of these and future Cloud Cruisers, we built what is widely viewed as the industry’s best product and earned the hard-fought business from some of the most demanding IT customers across the globe – Microsoft, TDBank, NTT, Ford, KPN and of course HPE, to name just a few. So it is with great anticipation that we embark on this next phase of our Cloud Cruiser journey with HPE. In many ways, it is familiar territory. Our relationship with HP started in 2010 as they became our first partner, first product integration, and our first joint customer win. Fast forward a few years, and HPE is now one of Cloud Cruiser’s largest customers, utilizing Cloud Cruiser to power Flexible Capacity, a consumption based, pay-as-you-go service. Over this time, our teams worked together collaboratively, which I only expect to deepen as we become one. Looking forward, we are excited to bring our domain expertise to enhance HPE’s Flexible Capacity offering with support for Windows Azure Stack and other services, as well as continue our rapid pace of innovation in our SaaS app, Cloud Cruiser 16. Our customers remain our utmost focus, and we will continue to provide excellent support and product enhancements post close. Founding a startup is one of the most demanding, frustrating, thrilling and rewarding things that I have ever experienced…usually all in the same day! I want to particularly recognize my co-founder Greg Howard, who not only is a domain expert in our field, but personally is one of the most dependable, honest, and conscientious people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I also want to recognize our extremely talented executives, strong technical team, and savvy outbound team, all of whom are world class at what they do. I am proud of what we have built and want to extend a sincere thank you to all customers, partners, advisors, and investors (ONSET, Wavepoint, ICCP, Odyssey, and many angels) who have helped us in so many ways. Cloud Cruiser literally wouldn’t have existed without you and we look forward to working with you in the next phase of our journey!

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