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The @Defense Department is paying $57 million to @Hewlett Packard Enterprise for supercomputers that it plans to use for tasks like designing helicopters and weather forecasting. The Air Force Research Laboratory and Defense Department’s Supercomputing Resource Center at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, OH will receive four HPE SGI 8600 supercomputers, as part of the deal. Another three of the same supercomputers will be installed at the Navy Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center in southern Mississippi. The Defense Department bought the supercomputers as part of its so-called high-performance computing modernization program, said the program’s chief of staff, Kevin Newmeyer. The program, created in 1992, is intended to ensure that the Defense Department consistently has the most powerful computers for tasks like designing weapons, aircraft, and analyzing weather patterns so that Navy ships can navigate more safely, he said.

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