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Today’s #Hadoop reality hasn’t lived up to the full promise many saw when the platform was introduced over ten years ago. In today’s world, many organizations must still hire a large number of expensive programmers to swim around in the data lake and toil endlessly on low-level open source infrastructure. While this may suit the programmer just fine, today’s businesses suffer because Hadoop still hasn’t grown up to satisfy business needs. The biggest mistake customers make when adopting Hadoop today is underestimating the immaturity of the platform. Hadoop’s immaturity manifests itself most in the lack of high-productivity tooling and software – the Hadoop space is still dominated by expensive, opaque, low-performance, low-productivity and hard to manage custom code. Until Hadoop moves beyond this early-adopter and programmer-dominated stage, customers will continue to encounter an immaturity “cost iceberg” that hampers Hadoop adoption today.

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