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The use of big data and #Hadoop has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few years, especially among businesses. It’s a pretty sensible strategy for organizations to take, especially considering the numerous benefits and advantages big data can give. Hadoop, after all, is a platform that helps organizations process massive data sets, and as data becomes more complex, this ability keeps rising in demand. While there’s little doubt that Hadoop is a good fit for the private sector, what roles can it play in government functions? UK Home Office The government, whether on a local or national level, operates much differently from private businesses, and its own roles vary as well. It’s a question that many policy experts and data scientists have weighed in on, with some believing Hadoop and the government make a great fit. The discussion surrounding Hadoop being used by government agencies is one that has been going on for several years, but it was recently reignited when it was announced that the UK Home Office will employ Hadoop as a way to centralize its many databases. The Home Office has been busy working to bring on board Hadoop specialists for the single platform initiative. Of the many uses this plan could lead to, one stated objective is to help the border force control key points by allowing them to cross check large sets of data, looking for potential threats. In many ways, it’s a necessary step they have to take in order to analyze the large amount of information at their disposal.

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