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FOSTER CITY, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 29, 2016) -@GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade In-Memory Data Fabric solutions based on #Apache® #Ignite™, today announced the availability of #GridGain Professional Edition 1.6, an in-memory computing platform enabling high-performance transactions that run 1,000x faster than disk-based approaches. The latest version adds native support for Apache® #Cassandra ™, a new ODBC driver, deadlock-free transactions, and the availability of a new hosted web management console. These features enable easy integration with data analytics tools, provide enhanced performance, offer access to a new web-based configuration and management tool for GridGain and Apache Ignite deployments, and add significant database performance improvement for Cassandra users.

With the addition of native support for Apache Cassandra, GridGain extends its native support for accelerating and scaling most popular SQL and NoSQL databases, as well as Apache® #Hadoop ®. Apache Cassandra is optimized to run simple, pre-defined queries on data stored on disk. It does not, however, include an in-memory computing option and does not support transactions. When combined with GridGain, Apache Cassandra users can:

See a 1,000x query speed improvement because data is uploaded from disk into RAMLeverage ANSI SQL-99 compliance to run ad hoc and structured queries with complete ODBC and JDBC supportUse full ACID compliant transactions to read and write data to their Cassandra databaseBenefit from built-in support for Apache® #Spark™, Apache Hadoop, and streaming applications

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