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For the several million years, our ancestors who have been used to be little money like creatures which is covering and hiding the shadows from the titans that roamed this earth. Then those titans that have been decided to give the little guy a break and presented us with the greatest gift of all ‘dying off.’

Moreover, once they departed, our rule began, but we did even not share the same sentiment as the dinosaurs which are even about giving the little guy a break also if they are the same species as you. So, we have decided to take over the planet like no species ever has. So, it is a time to kick the whole earth, saving thing into overdrive. So, in this post, we will explore how IoT in the Environment could be leveraged to achieve this since it is the best solution for most things.

IoT in Environment protection

IoT makes our life much better and more comfortable. Pocket-sized IoT environment sensor is used for monitoring the radiation, air quality, water quality, and many other environmental indicators. Sensors are also connected to smartphones with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Sensors send some of the enormous amounts of data to the network. This will even allow us to have a better understanding of our surroundings and prepare us to find a suitable solution for environmental protection.

Water management

From the past so many years, the government has spent already $4 billion on the upgrading and rebuilding the existing infrastructure of water. Water bills will skyrocket again and that even looks pretty logical. After all, only around % of the planet freshwater is available the people, and some of the regions have already been suffering from drought.

IoT vendors do acknowledge the issue – and come up with some of the unique solutions. Around 6% of the households now employ the smart water meters – IoT devices that help to track water consumption and send the generated data to an application for further analysis. The Government of United States has even developed the Green Button standards for the smart meter data access, which enables the customers to download the data which is being generated by the gadgets from the utility companies websites.

Customers can even use the data to calculate the potential savings with the help of a mobile app or also keep accurate records of the water consumption for another provider. Its clients manage to reduce water bills and save around 5.3 million liters of freshwater daily.

Moreover, IoT project for the Environment,which includes the smart meter rollout was set to bumpy start, the eco-friendly water management technologies that offer clean benefits to the people and governments.

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