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A complete chemical simulation on a #quantumcomputer has been reported for the first time by the team working on #Google ’s #AI (#ArtificialIntelligence) quantum team. The team was successful in completing the chemical simulation on Sycamore, Google’s quantum computer. The report published in Sciencesays that the chemical simulation of a diazene molecule reacting with hydrogen atoms resulted in an altered configuration.

The hard part in the exercise was to make sure that the results were accurate. Quantum computers are very prone to errors, so validation was the challenge. To do this, the team paired the quantum computing facility with that of a classical computer, that is the computers we use in our day to day activities. The classical computing part was used to analyse the results provided by the sycamore quantum computer. Then new parameters were added and the process was repeated until the quantum computer could find a minimum value. Apart from this, the team used other checking systems as well to analyse the results produced by the quantum computer and to fix the errors.

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