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It might not be the most eye-catching news report, but @Broadcom ‘s attempts to buy @Qualcomm could have a significant impact on the technology industry, an impact that the likes of @Google, along with @Microsoft, are concerned about. Google reportedly feels that such a takeover would stagnate innovation, since Broadcom is reportedly known to emphasize cost-cutting over developing new technologies. Remember that the vast majority of Android smartphone manufacturers use Qualcomm chipsets, while Microsoft has recently been pushing to also equip PCs with Qualcomm chipsets, so any pause on development of new technologies would directly and indirectly impact both of their businesses. Another concern is the relationship Qualcomm and Apple would have if Broadcom were to succeed with the buyout. Currently, we wouldn’t say that Qualcomm and Apple are on friendly terms with each other, giving the ongoing court proceedings between the two companies. Most recently, Apple accused the chipmaker of infringing on eight of its patents related to battery efficiency.

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