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#Google has made three new enterprise database offerings generally available, hoping to lure customers currently on ( #AWS )Amazon Web Services and #Microsoft ‘s #Azure platforms over to its Compute Engine service. The three offerings include the fully managed Cloud SQL Second Generation with MySQL instances, the Cloud Bigtable noSQL wide-column service with #Apache #HBase compability, and the Cloud Datastore, a scalable, NoSQL document database. Pricing for Cloud SQL 2nd Generation starts at US$0.015 per hour for 0.6 gigabytes of memory, shared virtual processor, and maximum 3TB capacity for the smallest, db-f1-micro instance. This goes up to US$2.012 per hour for the db-n-highmem-16 instance, with 16 VCPUs, 104GB of RAM and up to 10TB of storage. In addition, Google charges US$0.17 per GB and month for storage capacity, and US$0.08 per GB and month for backups.

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