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Google today announced the launch in general availability of Cloud Healthcare API, a service that facilitates the exchange of data between health care applications and solutions built on Google Cloud. The API allows organizations to ingest and manage data from a range of inputs and systems, and then to analyze that data through the use of privacy-preserving AI and machine learning.

Cloud Healthcare API could help relieve the strain on health systems overburdened by the coronavirus pandemic. As Google notes, even in the best of circumstances, collating data is often a challenge for health care and life science organizations. The API, then, enables providers to interact with data using endpoints and health plans that scale while supporting interoperability, security, and patient access.

Cloud Healthcare API — a managed, scalable environment for building clinical and analytics applications that support HIPAA compliance — incorporates a number of data-loss prevention, policy, identity management, and encryption solutions. Customers can choose the region where their data is stored, and they get management policies that let them implement practices like the principle of least privilege. And thanks to the API’s integration with Cloud Audit Logs, they can track all actions that affect their data.

Cloud Healthcare API ships with connectors for streaming data processing in Google products like Dataflow, BigQuery, AI Platform, and Looker. Beyond this, it features an automated de-identification capability that removes or obfuscates personal information from corpora so they can be used for analysis, training, and evaluating machine learning models and for sharing with non-privileged parties, while protecting patient privacy.

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