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IN THE FUTURE, we’ll all need a faster connection to the Internet. We’ll need more bandwidth for streaming high-definition video, strolling through virtual worlds, and, well, doing things no one has even thought of yet. But #Google worries that Internet service providers won’t give us all the bandwidth we’ll need. So it’s taking matters into its own hands. Several years ago, it unveiled #GoogleFiber, providing ultra-high-speed Internet connections to home and businesses in certain select cities. This redefined notions of how fast our Internet speeds should be, and in some cases, it significantly increased competition among service providers. But Google has been slow to push the service into new places. And the fact of the matter is that most people are still stuck with much slower connections. So, in order to accelerate this revolution, Google is turning to wireless technologies. Today, the fastest Internet connections arrive via wire line. Your home connection is faster than the connection to your mobile phone. But Google is exploring a different breed of wireless that could provide a way of more rapidly pushing high-speed connections into homes and offices across the country

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