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#Google buys #Orbitera, a platform for cloud marketplaces, for $100M+ Posted Aug 8, 2016 by Ingrid Lunden (@ingridlunden) Google today announced another acquisition that will help the company improve how it competes against #Amazon ’s #AWS, #Salesforce and #Microsoft in the area of enterprise services, and specifically selling enterprise services in the cloud: it has acquired Orbitera, a startup that developed a platform for buying and selling cloud-based software. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed but our sources close to the deal tell us it’s just north of $100 million. This is an acquisition of talent, technology, and existing business. The CEO Marcin Kurc (tellingly) is an alum of AWS. And Google notes that some 60,000 enterprise stacks have already been launched on Orbitera. These include the likes of #Adobe, #Oracle and #Metalogix, who all resell cloud services from third-party vendors as part of their larger enterprise businesses.

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