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@Alibaba, the biggest cloud provider you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about (but should), is deploying @CloudFoundry on its infrastructure, and joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a gold member. Cloud Foundry is an open source platform designed to automate infrastructure provisioning and management and make workloads more portable across public and private clouds. By writing applications to Cloud Foundry APIs, developers can enhance application portability and minimize cloud lock-in. (See @Google & @Microsoft Tout Multi-Cloud, but Where’s @Amazon?) Alibaba Cloud is the biggest cloud provider in China and among the three largest globally, according to a press release from the Cloud Foundry Foundation issued Wednesday. (See Cloud Foundry Now Available on Asia’s Leading Cloud Provider Alibaba Cloud.) (Jefferies ranks Alibaba fifth rather than third, but either way, Alibaba is really, really big.) (See Google & Alibaba Cloud Gaining Fast in Public Cloud – but AWS Still Rules.)

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