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The idea of a full software-defined data center is surrounded with hype, but IT experts are hesitant to accept widespread implementation as a reality. Even as large cloud providers, such as #Google and #Facebook, continue to pave the way, most of the industry trails behind, with a variety of obstacles obstructing the vision of a full software-defined data center.

For starters, the definition of asoftware-defined data center ( #SDDC ) remains unclear. Some vendors alter the definition of SDDC to align with their own products and services, adding to the confusion, said Richard Villars, vice president of data center and cloud at IDC, a research firm based in Framingham, Mass.

When most people talk about SDDC architecture, they refer to the IT equipment itself — a way to more easily configure compute, storage and network elements. But that’s not necessarily the whole picture.

“Those are all a big part of what’s inside a data center, but data centers also include the power, cooling systems and a lot more of the structural things … If you want to talk about the whole data center itself, you have to include other facilities elements, as well,” Villars said.

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