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#Fujitsu, a leading provider of business, information technology, and communications solutions, has successfully completed an Open #ROADM interoperability field trial on #ATT ’s network using the #Virtuora® multivendor #softwaredefinednetworking solution and #1FINITY™ #openhardware platform. The field trial marks an industry first in enabling multivendor interoperability for #opticaltransport carrying live customer traffic. The successful completion of this field trial brings AT&T one step closer to better meeting customers’ changing bandwidth needs and providing a more scalable, flexible network, as well as increasing efficiency, innovation and cost savings. The trial was an extension of the Open ROADM Multi-Source Agreement ( #MSA ), which defines interoperability specifications for Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs), including the ROADM switches, transponders and pluggable optics. The goal of the MSA is to move away from a traditionally closed ROADM optical transport network and toward a disaggregated open transport network, while allowing for centralized software control. The multivendor field trial consisted of a 100 Gbps optical wavelength in the Dallas metro area carrying live customer traffic. Fujitsu provided transponders and ROADMs from their 1FINITY open hardware platform (1FINITY T300, 1FINITY L100/L110) connecting to high capacity IP/MPLS routers. The 100G wavelength was provisioned using the Virtuora SDN Network Controller, which was integrated into the AT&T ECOMP architecture via REST APIs.

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