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#Fujitsu has introduced a #Microsoft software-flavoured #hyperconverged infrastructure appliance product. #PRIMEFLEX for #StorageSpaces Direct uses Microsoft virtualised infrastructure software, including Storage Spaces, and comes in pre-configured and pre-tested systems based on Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY x86 servers, all-flash storage, and networking. The Storage Spaces Direct technology – virtual SAN-like – comes from Windows Server 2016. Fujitsu says these systems provide highly available and scalable, software-defined storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional SAN or NAS arrays, but it did not provide comparative prices. The system comes in either all-flash or hybrid flash+disk configurations. It starts with two servers and scales to 16, with 384 drives, supporting up to 800 virtual servers or desktops with sub-millisecond response times – we presume if you have flash storage – and 150,000+ IOPS/server. There are quality of service controls for the storage, with per-VM IOPS limits, and erasure coding for in-system data protection.

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