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#Fujitsu today introduced a fresh approach to data protection in virtualized data centers with the ETERNUS CS200c S3, a backup solution ideally suited for hyper converged infrastructures (HCI). This new integrated backup appliance offers a simplified, cost-efficient approach to the headache of protecting data across complex physical and virtual IT environments. It joins Fujitu’s range of ready-to-use ETERNUS CS appliances, which are designed to minimize business risk from missed backups, post-disaster recovery failures and the corruption of sensitive data. As a fully integrated solution for the backup, archiving and recovery of unlimited numbers of servers in physical, virtual and cloud-based data centers, the ETERNUS CS200c S3 delivers an all-in-one data protection concept for converged and hyper converged systems. This means that organizations can now virtualize their critical applications while meeting strict data protection service level agreements (SLAs). Also Read: Fujitsu, #Oracle Join Hands To Drive Cloud Computing Uwe Neumeier, Vice President and Head of Data Center, EMEIA Product Business at Fujitsu, said, “ #Hyperconverged and software-defined systems enable real-time digital business, and although they have some data protection capabilities built in, they often store backup copies on the same platform. This means that critical business data is not safe from corruption or deletion. Our new appliance closes this gap, by providing a reliable backup and recovery solution across the entire lifecycle of each virtual machine, even within a hyper converged solution – meaning that business-critical data is continually protected and business continuity can be achieved even if disaster strikes.”

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