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Storage industry jungle drums heard by El Reg suggest #EMC is axing #XtremIO product line development and putting it into maintenance mode due to scalability and data availability issues. EMC vehemently denies this, saying it’s absolute FUD. Three independent sources say XtremIO is headed for a maintenance-only retirement home. One says the killer problem is that XtremIO memory cannot scale in line with #SSD capacity. Another says there is an availability issue. One source told us: “I’ve heard they are putting XtremeIO into maint’ only. No more development, will phase it out over Unity. How they do their metadata is too much of a challenge and they can’t do larger drive sizes because of it. Also very high profile customers had massive failures that resulted in data loss – dedupe table corruption – and it’s caused them to pull the plug on it.” Our industry insider continued: “EMC is cutting development efforts and putting XtremIO in maintenance mode. Will not push it in the market as hard as they have and will focus on other products. In practice it will get no more development effort and other products will take over the market.”

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