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@Front is raising a $66 million Series B round led by @Sequoia with @DFJ and existing investors also participating. There are now 2,500 companies using Front to manage shared inboxes and collaborate. The startup now wants to go one step further and become the definitive email product. “I decided that I wanted to raise money, I scheduled 11 partner meetings over a single week,” co-founder and CEO @MathildeCollin told me. “At the end of the week, I had term sheets from all investors but one.” Overall, Front has raised $79 million. @BryanSchreier from Sequoia is joining the board (Collin and co-founder and CTO Collin Laurent Perrin are the two other board members), and the company is going to open a second office in Paris to attract talent. Collin says that the company still had plenty of money in its bank account. They managed to raise so quickly because they didn’t need to raise. Front is already making money as its a paid service. So at the current pace, Front has enough runway for the next nine years. “We are quite lean and I want to continue this way,” Collin said. “And because we’re small, we can iterate super quickly and learn super quickly. If it were easy to find out the future of email, 10,000 people would have already done it.”

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