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Automotive industry insiders are a cynical bunch, and some are skeptical that Ford can meet its self-imposed goal of getting self-driving vehicles on the road by 2021. After all, autonomous taxi companies with a head start, such as Waymo and GM’s Cruise, are operating only in geo-fenced areas and still monitored by humans in the vehicle. But keep in mind—it’s not just about making a self-driving cars, it’s about making money. To do that Ford continues to cast a wide net that extends far beyond its billion dollar investment in the autonomous technology company Argo AI in 2017.

To execute its mobility strategy, the automotive giant announced it acquired Journey Holding Corporation and Quantum Signal AI this week.

Journey Holding Corporation is a logistics operations company that provides software solutions for “intelligent transportation systems.”

Quantum Signal is a robotics company that, among other things, develops a sophisticated testing simulator for a range of AI systems, and counts the U.S. military as one of its customers.

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