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Software-defined wide area networking ( #SDWAN) has been the darling of 2016. (Sure, Adele may be the rest of the world’s darling of 2016, but we’re talking about #SDN here.) #Nokia is all over SD-WAN via its #Nuage business unit. For instance, in November Nuage announced an SD-WAN win with BT. But Nokia says service providers also need good ol’ basic software-defined networking (SDN) in their massive existing networks. Tony Kourlas, director of product marketing for carrier SDN with Nokia, says service providers still need path optimization and assurance, or carrier SDN. “Rather than letting routers decide the path that traffic will take, SDN throws in more information to find the best hop-path via path computation,” says Kourlas. “I can drive 25 percent more revenue generating services in my network by setting up better paths.” Nokia’s Network Services Platform (NSP) adapts and optimizes networks in real-time, using flow redirection and self-tuned adaptive routing. NSP can also tap into unused capacity to provision on-demand IP/optical network services. In addition to path computation, Nokia’s carrier SDN includes assurance. “It visualizes performance and uses data to trigger things,” says Kourlas. “This is something we’re doing that we don’t see a lot of other vendors talking about.” “SD-WAN is fantastic,” he adds, but service providers also want to get the most out of their existing networks. “Network management is necessary. And you can’t commercialize services without assurance.”

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