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Flash-based storage, which has long been established in the consumer market—think mobile phones and laptops—is now making significant inroads in the enterprise, where it’s quickly becoming preferred over hard-disk drives owing to the improving cost-to-performance ratio. Thus, although hard-disk-drive storage will remain a data center staple thanks to the relatively low costs to store and access cold data, it has become clear that any organization not considering flash storage for active data will be left behind.

In other words, we are now in the age of flash storage.

Where Does Flash-Based Storage Make Sense?

When cost was prohibitive to widespread flash=storage implementation, IT management needed to outline specific, stringent implementation plans to justify the cost. Even then, there was usually a power struggle between teams on where flash storage should be deployed: Should the database team get it? What about the virtualization team? Now that flash storage solutions are so much more affordable, organizations that are exploring how best to use them should look for wherever there is a need for greater performance.

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