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The 2016 Flash Memory Summit brought about the introduction of several new products and initiatives by the flash memory industry during keynote talks from #Seagate, #Samsung, #Toshiba and #WesternDigital and 10 other companies. These included flash for archiving, very large #SSD s, new flash memory architectures, #NVMe and NVMe fabrics and emerging non-volatile memory technologies. Vijay Rao from #Facebook was the kick-off keynote at the 2016 FMS looked at their initiatives to create hyperscale storage including their AVA high density flash initiative using M.2 flash memory SSDs for a very dense storage rack storage architecture. Jason Taylor from Facebook in a 2013 FMS keynote advocated flash for archiving. Vijay built upon this idea by talking about WORM data written on QLC (4 bit per cell) #3DNAND flash with a proposal for 100 TB SSD with low endurance (150 write cycl

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