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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 8, 2021 / Fastbase Inc. (OTC PINK:FBSE) the web analytics company has just bolstered its technology platform with new investment in the HPE DL580 Gen10 server series. The latest HPE addition is integral to Fastbase analyzing more than 1.2 million companies from 130 countries, providing leads and sales and marketing intelligence to some of Europe’s largest multinational companies. With an advanced algorithm and a database of registered websites, Fastbase analyses billions of website visitors each month and requires an architecture optimized for Big Data Analytics.

This would not be possible without the HPE ProLiant Apollo servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Big Data Analytics requires high performance servers that can handle a large amount of data. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has one of the world’s broadest server, storage, and network portfolios and the HPE DL580 Gen10 server offers an architecture optimized for Big Data Analytics.

“The DL580 is one of the Proliant servers designed for large computing facilities and data centers that need a lot of computing power to handle vast amounts of data,” said Martin Jacobsen, Sales Manager, HPE Denmark. “Online analytics company, Fastbase, offers web visitor and customer insights for business. Fastbase needs a platform optimised for data science and delivering real time leads. Proliant Gen10 servers provide the certainty of processing power required.”

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is a high-density, four-socket server with high performance, scalability and reliability. The Gen10 Server offers greater processing power, up to 6TB of faster memory and the simplicity of automated management.

High traffic and computing power

Fastbase has chosen to standardize on HPE’s ProLiant servers, which are designed to have a high volume of both computer memory and storage, ideal for use-cases like Fastbase WebLeads, the SaaS lead gen application. Martin Jacobsen explained, “For High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data, and Cloud performance and density are paramount. Fastbase data is growing in leaps and bounds and as the volume of data increases, so do the challenges. It is crucial to employ servers that are able to deal with the high number of data calls from Fastbase users. So, it is important to choose a system providing performance, reliability and scalability.” Martin Jacobsen said.

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