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MELVILLE, NY–(Marketwired – July 12, 2016) – #FalconStor Software® Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC), a 16-year innovator of software-defined storage solutions, today announced that organizations using #FreeStor ® to seamlessly migrate, protect and recover data in the cloud are able to do so without being tied to specific hardware, networks or protocols, making it an ideal solution for businesses that are looking to cut costs and recovery time, as well as enabling Managed Service Providers ( #MSP s) to offer Backup-as-a-Service ( #BaaS ) or Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service ( #DRaaS ) offerings. FreeStor is a horizontal, heterogeneous software defined storage platform that helps IT organizations realize more economic value out of existing environments as well as future storage investments with maximum flexibility and operational efficiency. As a cloud connector, the FreeStor platform can be leveraged to move and optimize data, providing data mobility as well as business continuity. FreeStor can move any workload — running on a physical server or virtual machine — from an on-premise environment to a public cloud infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services ( #AWS ) or Microsoft #Azure, to provide solutions for disaster recovery, backup and optimized storage infrastructure. MSPs and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) can now offer consistent on-premise and cloud-based services more readily, as well as incorporate public cloud offerings at lower costs. They can also offer both secondary and tertiary site alternatives to on-premise and hosted facilities. Further, this connectivity takes yet another step in eliminating vendor lock-in. In addition to eliminating hardware vendor lock-in, FreeStor now eliminates MSP and CSP lock-in with the ability to enable “cloud hopping” should the need arise to change cloud or MSP vendors. Users will no longer find their data trapped in proprietary formats or hindered by the lack of tools to move data quickly in a cost-optimized manner. “The benefits of moving data management to the cloud go well beyond cost savings — from the flexibility of accessing data from anywhere to the tiering of cold and seldom used data to serving as a disaster recovery solution,” said Gary Quinn, President, and CEO of FalconStor. “But however attractive the cloud may be, it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get there. FreeStor offers organizations the bridge to cross the gap between on-premise and the cloud without tying your business to specific hardware, hypervisors, networks, protocols or vendors. It is a robust, yet flexible solution designed for organizations that are looking for a dependable business continuity disaster recovery solution while cutting costs, complexity and recovery time.” Additional information about how organizations can leverage FreeStor as a Disaster Recovery in the Cloud solution is available through FalconStor’s recently published white paper at

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