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Players of Minecraft just got a little bit of help exploring, digging, building and fighting in the popular game’s sprawling open world. 

A team of researchers at Facebook’s research wing has created an artificial intelligence that can accompany human players on their Minecraft adventures. 

The A.I., which in the game looks just like a human-controlled character, answers to verbal commands from the player who downloaded it. 

While it’s mining tunnels, gathering raw materials, building fortresses and battling zombies, the A.I. bot also is learning what people want and how they talk. And, in some cases, gathering data for Facebook’s researchers.

The researchers aim to create smarter, more intuitive A.I. that understands human beings the way human beings really talk. We don’t say, “Halt and await further command.” We say, “Hey, hang out here a minute.” And by that we don’t necessarily mean one actual minute.

Researchers call this kind of communication “natural language.”

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