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Last week, the Facebook AI research team published a progress report on dialogue research that is fundamentally building more engageable and personalized AI systems.

According to the team, “Dialogue research is a crucial component of building the next generation of intelligent agents. While there’s been progress with chatbots in single-domain dialogue, agents today are far from capable of carrying an open-domain conversation across a multitude of topics. Agents that can chat with humans in the way that people talk to each other will be easier and more enjoyable to use in our day-to-day lives — going beyond simple tasks like playing a song or booking an appointment.”

In their blog post, they have described new open source data sets, algorithms, and models that improve five common weaknesses of open-domain chatbots today. The weaknesses identified are maintaining consistency, specificity, empathy, knowledgeability, and multimodal understanding.

Let us look at each one in detail here: and

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