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SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — @Cohesity, the leader of #hyperconverged #secondarystorage, today announced that customers are expanding the use of its scale-out platform to handle file and #objectstorage along with data protection on the same platform, achieving dramatically lower infrastructure costs and simpler data management. Cohesity DataPlatform’s radically simple and efficient approach to data protection has gained popularity as enterprises grow out of legacy backup solutions that are costly and don’t scale. Now these companies are extending the value of their Cohesity deployment by using it to consolidate their unstructured data across the organization. A growing share of Cohesity customers, such as Manhattan Associates, which started with Cohesity backup capabilities, are now adding file and object storage to seamlessly read and write to the same data volume, eliminating unnecessary data copies and hardware siloes for maximum efficiency and simpler management. Both the volume and variety of enterprise data continues to grow exponentially. Along with the cost and complexity of traditional enterprise storage, it is putting enormous pressure on businesses to find a better way to manage their exploding data assets. Until recently, enterprise IT handled different use cases with separate storage solutions, each built with its own proprietary hardware, user interface, and licensing model, leading to fragmented data siloes that become operationally inefficient and complex to manage. Cohesity DataPlatform consolidates all secondary storage – that is, any workload that doesn’t require strict service level agreements (SLAs) – including file shares, backups and archiving, logs, media, test/dev and analytics. This enables companies to dramatically simplify their data center and save resources by bringing everything together on a single platform.

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