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#Micron Technology’s 5100 enterprise solid state drive ( #SSD ) uses TLC flash to deliver from 240 Gbytes to 8 Tbytes of storage in platforms that include 2.5-in drives and M.2 modules (Fig. 1). The M.2 modules top out at 1,920 Gbytes. Sequential read speed is 549 Mbytes/s. The drives come in three flavors that address different applications: Micron 5100 ECO – It targets cloud services and it is optimized for content sharing, such as video and media streaming. It delivers consistent data throughput and fast information delivery, and can handle 1 driver write/day (DWPD). Micron 5100 PRO – This targets most applications by providing consistent performance for latency-sensitive applications. It supports 1 to 3 DWPD. Micron 5100 MAX – This family is designed for demanding storage applications. It supports up to 5 DWPD.

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