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#EMC Corporation, a leading storage solutions provider has successfully reduced data center footprint for C-Edge Technologies Ltd., a leading technology and infrastructure service provider to financial institution. The solution- EMC #XtremIO is packed with unprecedented performance, data reduction capabilities, integrated copy data management, and extraordinary ease of setup and use. The Indian banking sector has been growing rapidly in the last two to three year and hence there is a huge volume of data involved in this endeavour. The company was finding it increasingly difficult to manage capacity needs and to achieve the fast, predictable system performance their customers were demanding. To stay on top of the competition and maintain competitive edge in fast-changing marketplace, the company needed a long term IT capacity planning to proactively meet business needs for infrastructure resources. To achieve its business objectives, C-Edge Technologies decided to partner with EMC and make the transformation to EMC XtremIO and has successfully reduced the data center footprint and power consumption by 10 X enabling them to store 60 TB of data in just about six TB of physical space.

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